embrace the gift of change
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lisa fournace winn, dnp, aprn

Embrace the Gift of Change

I learned fast in life that the only thing constant in life is change. Life takes amazing twists and turns that are not only surprising but shocking. 

All through my undergraduate years, I wanted to be a physical therapist.  I still remember telling people that “I would never be a nurse”.  I guess the joke was on me because here I am almost 2 decades later and I can’t imagine not being a nurse.  Once I committed to being a nurse, I was all in!  That is truly my essence. 

Then another change…

My love for educating and inspiring women blossomed after I earned my master’s in nursing and became a women’s health nurse practitioner.  I was fulfilled and swore I would never go back for more schooling.  Cue the curveball…I have now earned my doctorate in nursing, completed a certification in the Science of Nutrition and have ongoing participation in functional medicine and continuing education courses. The lesson?  Never say never!

And then more change …

I really realized the importance for healthy living when I found myself at the heaviest weight I had been in my life and I simply felt bad all the time.  I started working with a health coach to lose weight.  I was very successful and fell in the love with the program.  

I was so passionate about the program that I started coaching the program myself.  

Yet another turn of events… this time a biggie…

Just as I launched my coaching program, I met my soul mate. We fell in love and then married.  One month after getting married, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Wait! What?  This was not supposed to be happening.  I was young, healthy, with no family history of breast cancer.  Not to mention, I was a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  I was the provider, not the patient, right?  This diagnosis changed the course of my life and started me on the path to functional medicine.  I’ll share more of my cancer journey in a future blog because it is a large part of my story.  


Today, I am happy to report that I am almost 2 years cancer free and thriving.  I’m thankful for the changes and experiences as they have allowed me serve others and fulfill my dreams in my functional medicine practice.

I invite you to continue reading my posts as I continue to vulnerably share my passion for living healthy, coaching and all things health and wellness related.

I am Lisa…. Not cancer survivor…. cancer THRIVER

Nice To Meet You!

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