Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Functional medicine is a science-based approach, looking at disease dynamics and symptoms from a different perspective to identify the root cause.  The focus is on identifying the cause(s) of the specific symptoms or diagnosis. It is possible to have multiple causes for each symptom or diagnosis.

Yes, you need to maintain these relationships. Lisa Fournace Winn does not serve as your PCP or OB/GYN. While she helps to manage many chronic health conditions and women specific issues, she is an addition to your medical team, not a replacement for your current medical providers. 

The answer is both depending on patient preference. The patient can opt for an in person visit at the Mt. Juliet location or virtual visits with each scheduled appointment.

A membership is not required. Appointments can be scheduled on an as needed basis.  Packages are offered at a discounted rate if a patient needs multiple visits.

Yes, we are licensed to work with both men and women. We do not see children under age 18.

Macros are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  Macros make up calories, but often we eat too much of one macro and not enough of the others, which can prevent weight loss.  Eating a balance of macros, can help you to reach your goals.

Yes, Lisa Fournace Winn, is a women’s health nurse practitioner. She holds a doctorate in nursing and utilizes almost 2 decades of experience in combination with her functional medicine training to guide her patients to improved health.

  • We do not take insurance; however, we do accept HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flexible Spending Account), and credit cards.  
  • The reason for not accepting insurance is that functional medicine is not typically covered or the visits would need to be shortened to be covered.  A typical visit at Vytal Living is 55-90 minutes. In order to take insurance, the visits would need to be shortened to 15-20 minutes, which does not align with the practice model.

Lab work is one piece of the puzzle and can be very helpful.  Lisa Fournace Winn will review all prior labs, if available, and the health intake questionnaire, before suggesting and/or ordering labs.  Her approach is to start with routine lab work and then will move to more complex labs (such as stool testing, DUTCH hormone testing, food sensitivity testing) if needed, but this is not the starting point.  The goal is to keep costs affordable and to order only necessary lab work, when appropriate.

Yes, you can schedule a free consultation in which you will have the opportunity to meet Lisa Fournace Winn.  No medical recommendations will be given at this appointment.  This is a time for you both to get to know one another to determine if you would like to proceed with an initial evaluation.

If you are not a resident of Tennessee, you would need to come to Tennessee for your appointment as Lisa Fournace Winn is licensed only in the state of Tennessee.

  • The program is designed to help you build muscle, lose fat, and increase your metabolism. It is built around counting macro-nutrients (Macros), instead of calories. There is nothing that you cannot eat, as long as you can fit it into your macro goals.  Each week you have daily goals to meet for each of the macros to help reach your weight loss goals. The program includes weekly weigh-in, a 15-minute virtual visit, and adjustments to macros as needed to each clients individualized needs.