"What does it mean to live intentionally or to have purposeful health?"

Life is all about choices. You can take back control over your health. Making this choice enables you to put yourself, health, and wellness first. Your body is your temple and deserves to be treated with respect. When you visit with a functional medicine practitioner, the focus is NOT on a quick fix or pill. Rather, we use a science-based approach to understand the influences and external factors that contribute to your condition, struggles, and health. We seek to identify the root cause of the symptoms to provide targeted treatment.

Our goal is to restore your health and improve your quality of life.

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As functional medicine practitioners, we recognize you are unique and personalize care to your individual needs. To achieve this, I dive deep into your health history and lifestyle to determine the cause of your chronic health conditions.
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Functional Medicine Program

In functional medicine, we help you understand the “what” and the “why” of your health and then together determine “how” to help you reach your health goals.
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Our Mission

To inspire, motivate, and empower clients in achieving optimal health.

Trusted Providers

Vytal Living brings you the best in wellness all under one roof. Check out some of our trusted providers that call Vytal Living home.

Soul Arrow Acupuncture

Soul Arrow Acupuncture is committed to helping you achieve optimal health through the art of East Asian Medicine.

Wellness & Relational Institute

Aiding in the shift toward empowerment to take charge of mental health & developing techniques to live authentic lives.

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Feel like a person and not a number?
Experience care that is personalized to your individual needs?
Look deeper than symptoms to determine the cause of your health issues?