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lisa fournace winn, dnp, aprn

Wellevate is closing! Now what?

In the quest to continue helping people get better, Fullscript acquired Wellevate and will be merging their platforms onto Fullscript. For those that use Wellevate, you should have been sent an email stating that the Wellevate platform will be shutting down and they will be migrating all patients over to Fullscript. They provide 2 weeks to click the “respond” button and set up your Fullscript account. If you miss the 2 week deadline, you will not be able to see your current recommendations from me but you will be able to view your read only history.

What if I currently order my supplements from Wellevate?

I will now be carrying supplements in-house at Vytal Living! Send me a message in your patient portal to check availability and conveniently pick up your supplements at your next appointment. No more waiting around for delivery. If you prefer to order online, you should be able to access the quality supplements you ordered from Wellevate through Fullscript.

For additional information and support regarding the Wellevate/Fullscript merger, check out these guides:

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Migration Support Options

Frequently Asked Questions

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