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lisa fournace winn, dnp, aprn

If it is Worth Doing, it is Worth Doing Now

You’ve heard the expression, “There’s no better time than the present.” In fact, you’ve probably heard it so many times, you have never stopped to think about what it truly means. To me, this expression means that anything worth doing is worth doing immediately. So often, though, we say we want to do something, but then we put it off, saying we will do it tomorrow, or next week, or when the kids get older. Why would we say something is important and then delay doing it?

I believe the root of all delay is fear. We are fearful that we will not succeed. We are fearful that we will be judged; that others will not believe we can achieve such a goal. We are fearful that in making change or working towards a goal, we will be uncomfortable. We are fearful that if we change our lifestyle, that we may alienate ourselves from friends and family who do not share the same goals. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Take your health for example. Many people will say that health is a priority, but when it comes to doing the things that will improve their health, they delay until another day. “My husband will make fun of me for starting another diet again.” “My friends and I like to get drinks after work, but how will I do that if I am on a meal plan?” “I don’t have time to cook/exercise/food prep/journal.” “Exercise is hard.” “I can’t remember to take my supplements.” These statements may all be true, but they do not make your health goals any less valid.

When you are not used to self-love that allows you to prioritize your needs first, when you are not used to self-confidence that says you are up for the challenge, then choosing change is hard. It is also hard to live in a body that feels sluggish, that does not feel comfortable in clothes, and does not live up to its potential. So, now you are stuck between the proverbial rock or a hard spot, and it is time to pick your hard. Do you want the hard you know, or the hard that is going to get you to your goal?

This is not just true of health. It is true of all things. We all have a comfort zone where we prefer to stay. We like it here. We rock the comfort zone. It is familiar. We know what to expect. We know how to behave. But, every once in a while, something outside our bubble will catch our eye. It stops us in our tracks and makes us dream of something new. In those moments, we have a choice. We either commit to the new and get started working towards it immediately, or we delay it for another day. I challenge you to be the person who decides she wants something and immediately goes after it. Push past the fear. Focus on what you want, not on the obstacles. Stretch your bubble so that your life can become richer and more meaningful. Do it now.

And as you run outside your bubble with energy and enthusiasm to embrace that thing you want, do not give up the first time that you fail. Failure does not mean that your goal was silly or unachievable. Failure means that you tried; you put energy into motion, but you landed short of your goal. You will find yourself once again at a crossroads where you can decide to throw on your sweatpants and your fuzzy socks and head back home to the comfort zone, or you can put on your thinking cap and find a way around the obstacle. Both decisions will be hard in different ways. Choose the hard that keeps you on the path to authenticity, and don’t delay. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing NOW.

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