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lisa fournace winn, dnp, aprn

Start Living Life with Intention

One thing that COVID has taught us is that we are all vulnerable. Your life could change in the blink of an eye over something completely out of your control. The news is a constant barrage of bad news. My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs, and lost their homes over this pandemic. Some days I want to curl up in bed and never get up. But, if I were to do that, what would it get me? I would continue to be sad and afraid.

When the world feels so out of control, it is important to narrow your focus and look for the things you can control in your own life. Examine your values and set goals for yourself so that every day, you are living the life you want to live and not just going through the motions. This is called living intentionally. We are all guilty of running on autopilot, but autopilot will only get you the same things you already have. If you are unhappy in your life, or want to make some changes, then autopilot will not work for you. You must live your life with intention.

From the moment we wake up, we have an opportunity to create the day. Take a few minutes over coffee to journal your values and set goals for yourself. Research has proven that putting ideas on paper is an effect way to organize thoughts, hone your vision, and solidify your plan. Review your values daily as a reminder to redirect yourself if presented with decisions and opportunities not in alignment with your values.

The idea of setting goals can be daunting to some. Start with small things that you know you can accomplish. Small tasks such as making your bed or taking ten minutes to meditate can make your life feel much less chaotic and put you on the right path to a more intentional day.

Align your goals with your values. If one of your values is to have more personal connections in your life, then your goal may be to say hello to three strangers you encounter during the day, or you may choose to send an email or text to a friend you have not spoken with recently. If you value better health, choose goals that lead you in that direction: drinking 64 oz. of water every day, eating 3-5 servings of produce daily, add 10-15 minutes of activity, or consistently take nutritional supplements. Goals that seem insignificant, become bigger as you set and achieve goals. Your success will motivate you to do more. You will become comfortable with challenging yourself. Your life will change.

Begin each day as if it were on purpose. We are not promised a tomorrow. Live your life today in a way that is meaningful and intentional. Set your compass towards the things that are important, and make your life work for you.

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