Five Years Cancer Free!

Five years ago today, a pivotal moment unfolded in the chapters of my life. It was the day, orchestrated by the skilled hands of my surgeon, that cancer was evicted from my body. A day etched in memory, marking the beginning of a transformative journey—one that would teach me about resilience, love, and the extraordinary […]

Sugar Addiction: The Sweetest Drug of Them All

Tobacco, alcohol, opioids, pornography, and sex. What do these words have in common? They are the source of many addictions. Another word that could be added to that list is sugar. That’s right. Sugar. The same sugar you consume in your coffee every day, in your morning breakfast pastry, in your white-bread sandwich and soda […]

My Toddler, Myself

If you are visiting Vytal Living’s website, then I assume you want better for yourself. You are at least curious about living a healthier life. You may have the desire for more energy, to lose weight, or to manage your chronic illness. Oh, if only curiosity and desire were enough to change our lives for […]

How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Achieve Healthier Goals

Having an empowering mindset is essential for achieving healthier goals. With the right attitude and beliefs, we can take the necessary steps to reach our desired outcomes. When it comes to improving our health, having an empowering mindset helps us shift our focus from what we can’t do to what we can do. Through this […]

Author of Your Own Story

I was listening to an interview with Matthew McConaughey the other day, and Matthew was promoting his new book Greenlights. In his book, he discusses the events in his life that shaped him. He discusses the idea of free will and sees himself as the author of his own story. I have heard other people […]

The Health Benefits of Singing

Lessons Learned from Buddy the Elf The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  Singing may be the best way to spread Christmas cheer, but it also is a wonderful way to boost your mood and your immunity. Singing does not require any tools or training. It can be […]

Perimenopause and Menopause – The Great Unknown

Women’s reproductive needs change as they age. When you are young, it is all puberty, acne, and menstrual cycles. Then, you hit your early adult years and it is birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy (in no specific order). You get busy taking care of kids, pursuing a career, etc. And before you know […]

The Fertile Years – Is Time on Your Side?

Fertility is the ability to conceive or get pregnant. At birth, a woman has all the eggs she will have in her lifetime. As she ages, her eggs age, too. This can be a problem for women who choose to delay childbearing. In human reproduction, a mother contributes 23 chromosomes from her egg and a […]

Annual Exams – What are They Doing Down There??

Most women dread their annual exam at their OB/Gyn’s office. It is awkward for most and physically uncomfortable for some. You stare at the ceiling with your feet in the stir-ups and make small talk while the medical provider looks under your hood and checks out your lady parts. But what are they doing exactly? […]

Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease is the #1 KILLER OF WOMEN. Not breast cancer, not COVID, nor boredom at work or embarrassment when you speak in front of a group. It is Heart Disease. Imagine two of your best friends or sisters standing beside you. One of you three will die of heart disease.   When it comes to […]